re: my future


these verses struck me when i read my bible this morning. :) they reminded me about how God has provided for me and that He has a plan for me! i’m excited for what’s next. ♥

Blogs Take 2

when i first started this blog i didn’t know what to write about.

now that i know what i like writing about,

this blog feels like pretend.

i want a new blog.



(but actually, i have to say,

this blog played an important role in

helping me figure out what i like

writing about.

hello, learning from past experiences,

you’re much welcome here.)



by the way.

am i even a blog person.

to enjoy the Journey

a lesson from pie.


over the holidays,

i made 8 different kinds of pie.

samosa pie, blueberry cheesecake, pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate pudding pie…


mostly because the beginning is so exciting

and the result is so satisfying

and not because i liked

gathering ingredients

and mixing

and waiting.


because trying to decide which pies to make

by looking at mouth-watering photographs

is always so fun,

and then eating the ones you do make

so delicious.


but that reminded me that,


we are so caught up on the

end result

that we forget to enjoy

the Journey.


(the top of my blueberry pie)